Walking tour in the old town and the Akropolis of Rhodes

(approximately 3 hours)

We start out from the port enjoying the view of both the old and the new town of Rhodes and thereafter we start walking together through the old town.

We will pass by the museum square, walk up the street of the knight's and make a stop outside the famous Grand Master's palace, which was once the focus of the social and intellectual activity of the island. Then exit the medieval town through D'Amboise gate which is one of the original gates of the castle-town and dominates above one of its moats.

For the photograph-lovers, this is a great spot to take some of the best pictures that you can get, as the medieval scenery is fantastic and the combination of colors and light, unique!

We continue walking together uphill to reach after a while the highest part of the town, where the acropolis was built in antiquity. The hill is called st.Stefanos or Monte Smith. The ancient acropolis and a very well preserved stadium were built on an altitude of 110 m or approximately 360 ft.  The view from up there is incomparable. On one side you can see the romantic and always a bit windy Aegean sea, admire the different shades of blue in the water, the west part of the island, the coastline of Asia Minor, and on clear days, (almost 300 per year), you can also see some other Greek islands.

From up there you can get wonderful pictures, full of colors, emotions and perfumes from the wild flowers that you can find all year long.  We will show you the sea borders between Europe and Asia, Greece and Turkey, just only a few miles away from the coast. On the other side of the hill, you can see the whole town of Rhodes divided in two parts-modern and medieval-build on an amphitheatrically scene.

We will guide you with great passion there, show you the buildings dating back to the Hellenistic period (3rd-2nd c. B.C.). The temple of the most beloved god, Apollo or Helios, the sun-god, is built at the best spot and is guarding us for thousands of years now. There below the famous ancient stadium of Rhodes can be seen. That will give us the chance to talk about the Olympic Games, the athletes and the society in antiquity. Nearby a small theater stands restored.

Our tour may end back in the old town, close to the shopping area or in the new town’s center at the Mandraki harbor.

*This is one of the most interesting tours but good walking capability and comfortable shoes are required.


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